Thursday, 22 August 2013

Ready, set............jump in! No more excuses! Become a do-er.

Now when I say 'Supermom' I mean mom-that-can-do-just-about-anything-in-the that she puts her mind to mom. I don't mean Olympic skier or race-car drive. But I do mean...attempter, doer, and practicer.

My definition of Supermom is: Amazing Woman!

You have to become a baker, a laundry artist, a proficient cleaner, a gardener, an artist, an organizer, a referee, a decorator, a therapist, a doctor.........

Okay okay. The list goes on and never stops. Let's focus on the easy things. The doing part. I am not saying you have to be the best in everything but the closer that you want to become to Supermom status...the more stuff you need to TRY TRY TRY and DO DO DO! No excuses! Why not you?

These days you can do anything that you want to. You can learn about anything that you want to. I am going to admit, I find myself on Google, Pinterest, and you tube A LOT! But how else are you going to find out what you want?

How to make fondant?
How to make modge podge?
How to hem curtains?
How do I know when radishes are ready to harvest?
How to cut your own hair?
How to make natural cleaners?
....................................................................................and so much more. If you don't have a list...applause to you, you are amazing already BUT for most of us, our brains are over-racked with questions on 'How do I do that?" questions every time we see something that takes our interest.

About a month ago I wanted to start a garden. Between Pinterest and Google searches starting with 'how to' and you tube videos, I had my questions answered. Now when it comes to harvesting and storing, I can find my answers just a click away. I had the basic knowledge from my child-hood, but never had attempted this before on my own. I needed help!

After awhile I will be adding my own videos and posts as a Do-er to help out newbies like me. And I can add gardener to my list of Supermom skills!

I always keep a list of things that I want to make, do, accomplish soon. Among the items I have several craft ideas, recipes, or things that I want to do around the house. By starting your list you can start researching. Once you do it, even if you don't have 100% success, you learnt a lesson for next time and with practice comes superpowers!

When they say "How do you do that?" Or "How did you know what to do?" You can smile and say use my favorite sarcastic and humorous response '"It's because I am freaking awesome!" followed by, of course, "and it came with practice." This is where you can add in your 'wink' and they can stare at you in disbelief.

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